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Main Road Rehabilitation Update

March 29, 2010


Progress on Section 2: Southbound Carriageway
• Work on Section 2 commenced on 12 January 2010.
• The project team is currently four weeks behind the revised schedule.
• Progress on the 600mm water main has been adversely affected by bedrock at the valve chamber in front of St. James station, large boulders opposite Heytor Road and the need to move live electricity cables from the line of the water and sewer pipe trenches.
• Two 6m long by 1m offsets have been installed on the 600mm water main to avoid clashes with the 750mm diameter stormwater pipe opposite 36 Main Road and the 450mm diameter stormwater pipe (opposite Rodwell House).

Excavation into the bedrock has delayed the completion of these offsets. The remaining  75m of pipe should be complete by 16 March 2010 (completed). The valve and fittings are currently being installed in the valve chamber and the new main will be tested and commissioned before the end of March 2010.
• On completion of the water main, the 450mm diameter sewer rising (pumping) main will be pulled into the currently redundant water main using a heavy duty winch.
• The remaining underground work includes two lengths of stormwater pipe, the extension of the subsoil drains and the completion of the manholes.
• The construction of the remaining section of road, parking embayment and footway is now programmed for completion by the end of April 2010.
Updated Project Programme
• The current official Contract Completion date, with approved extensions of time, is 31 October 2010.
• Section 2B: Northbound will start at the beginning of May 2010 and be completed at the end of July 2010.
• Dalebrook Extension will also start at the beginning of May 2010. The proposal is to lay the section of 600mm bulk water main at the same time as Section 2B Northbound. A separate traffic control system will be operated with Stop/Go boards over a restricted length of approximately 30m. The trench will be closed each night and a temporary gravel surface reinstated.
• Section 3A:Southbound is programmed for completion in October 2010 and includes the installation of the 450mm rising main in the redundant water main to Dalebrook.
• Section 3B:Northbound and the end of the contract for Phase 1 must be complete before 10 December 2010.

Download the Minutes with the Programme Here

Download the Full Newsletter Here (Warning : Large File)


Concert in the Park

March 8, 2010

The Concert in the Park, Lever Street, Kalk Bay, was a huge success! We were kindly given good publicity in the False Bay Echo, The People’s Post and Full Circle magazine, as well as Jane Mayne’s Band Stand column in the Cape Times. Thanks to the many people who supported the event, and made it such a resounding success. It broke all previous attendance records, and also raised more money than ever in the past, which is very good news for the community and the organisations these funds support. Thanks too to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a success!
The total amount raised was R 44 427 (up from R34 945 last year); and after expenses, this amounted to a profit of R26 934 profit (R20 948 last year.)
Thanks to everyone who was involved!

Concert in the Park