The Kalk Bay Haven Newsletter April 2010

The community founded The Kalk Bay Haven Night Shelter in 1995 to address the problems of the homeless in our community. The Shelter has been successful in addressing this problem. We appreciate any assistance in running our Night Shelter and thank all those Companies and individuals who help us to keep operating.

To make available temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration.

Comings and goings in March 2010
Total average number of residents: 27 per night
No. of residents employed: 2; No. of residents in casual employment: 5
No. of residents who receive social pensions: 8; No. of unemployed residents: 12
These residents do work in the Shelter It is our mission to provide opportunities for them to become productive within the boundaries of their personal limitations.

Success stories
Ken is a 54-year-old male who entered the shelter in April 2009. He was unemployed and destitute. He had a business before but, because he served a prison sentence, he lost everything. He was discharged on parole and was cooperative in his rehabilitation back into society. The Shelter gave him an opportunity to get back on his feet. Together with our social worker, a prioritised exit plan was put in place. Ken slowly but surely picked up business using his skills and soon gained enough customers, to ensure a regular income. He then started to look for affordable accommodation in the community. He was blessed with a contract for work at two government departments, which was his real breakthrough. He now lives in Fish Hoek, has a car, advertises his business in local news papers, has his own business cards and is doing well.

Blessing is a 69-year-old female who found herself in the Shelter after her family put her out due to problems they had experienced. She was in receipt of a social pension. We applied for an old-age home for her, which was successful, but she needed to be patient, as she was on their waiting list. Contact with the family was established by our social worker and soon they started to visit her at the Shelter. Relationships were re-established to the point where her family decided that she should come back home to live with them again. She has just celebrated her 70th birthday with her family.

The Shelter laundry
Michael Townsend, the owner of The Harbour House and other harbourside restaurants, has installed a fully operating laundry to service the needs of his restaurants. It has been a great success for all involved; Michael has found it more efficient and economical to get the large amounts of laundry that his business generates cleaned at the Shelter, which is in close proximity to his restaurants. The project has provided a source of income for the Shelter from the rental of the previously underutilised space occupied by the laundry. The surrounding area has been smartened up and buildings repainted. Most importantly, this has already provided two of our residents with full-time employment, resulting in their being able to leave the Shelter and live in the community. The basic skills learnt provide work opportunities for these ex-residents in most communities they choose to live in. This sort of outcome is what we, the committee, aspire to, and we are confident that we will be able to continue to provide more of our residents with the opportunities they need to become useful, independent members of the wider community. Thanks to Michael for starting this innovative prokect, and also for enabling the Shelter to provide vital, ongoing assistance in maintaining this old property.

How to help us to continue to help the homeless of Kalk Bay
Anyone who can help us at The Haven Kalk Bay, please contact us at: Main Road, Kalk Bay-Tel: (021) 788 5820/Fax: (021) 788 5820/Email:
Financially we are constantly struggling to keep our heads above water. Any contributions are welcome. Our bank account details:
The Haven Night Shelter Kalk Bay, Standard Bank, Fish Hoek, Acc. No. 270 369 546.
Debit orders are much needed and much appreciated contact us for details.


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