Kalk Bay St James : Main Road Rehabilition, Newsletter 12

Section 2 Southbound Carriageway : Progress

Section 2 Southbound was scheduled for completion by 29 April 2010.

In order to open this section at the end of last year’s break (December 2009) to traffic in both directions, it was necessary to work this section in 2 x 300m sections instead of the 600m section, as programmed previously. As such, this decision delayed the following operations:
• The construction of the bulk water meter chamber;
• The completion of the water main and testing there-of;
• The installation of the rising sewer main and the removal of the off-sets on the existing 500mm line (domino effect from the item above);
• Breaking out of existing concrete surround to off-sets; and
• Exposing cables by hand and moving them out of the way of the new 600mm water main. Additional factors that have affected progress:
• New sewer to St James Station and “Octopus Garden” had to be undertaken by hand excavation due to proximity of cables before 600mm main could be completed.
• Building of new rock wall on existing retaining wall close to the railway tracks from SV 1430 to SV 1480 before sidewalk can be constructed.
• Additional hand excavation required on this section due to proximity of cables.
• Building of rock wall surround to palm tree at St James Subway before sidewalk could be completed.
• Raising of the “Terraforce Retaining wall” at the St James Subway entrance before sidewalks and entrance could be completed.
• There is currently a strike at the quarries and since 22nd April 2010, no aggregate deliveries have been made. This is delaying the completion of the road (for BTB) and the embayments (for paving).
• As such, the revised completion date for this section is 14th May 2010.

Download the complete document, which includes a diagram, photos and Q&A’s


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