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Installation of section of 600mm diameter water main from Dalebrook to Leighton Rd, St James

June 24, 2010

Construction work with respect to the installation of a section of the 600mm bulk water main (ductile iron steel pipe) from Dalebrook Road to Leighton Road has commenced. The laying of this section of the pipeline is being undertaken in conjunction with works in Section 2B Northbound, Phase 1 in terms of the scheduled programme.

A separate traffic control system will be operated with stop-go boards over a restricted length of approximately 50 meters to minimise inconvenience. As such, there are now two separate sections operating with one-way traffic, that is, the stop-go in Section 2B Northbound and the additional 50 meter stop-go.

Please note that the delay at the stop-go may extend beyond the 10 minutes (up to 20 minutes) whilst this section of pipeline is being laid. Motorists are asked to be patient during this time. Main Road will be open to two way traffic every night from latest 18h00 to 07h30 the following day. The trench dug to install this section of pipeline will be closed and a temporary gravel surface will be reinstated each night. Boyes Drive can be used as an alternative route during the day.

It is anticipated that the installation of this section of the pipeline will be completed by end July 2010.

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Kalk Bay St James : Main Road Rehabilitation, Newsletter 13

June 23, 2010

Open House Meeting

An Open House Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, 14th July 2010 between 16h00 – 19h00 at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kalk Bay. The Open House will provide I&APs with an opportunity to direct any queries or comments to the project team to inform the tender process.

Should you know of anyone that might be interested in attending the Open House, then kindly forward this invitation on to them.

Note that as the Open House Meeting will not involve a formal presentation, invitees are welcome to attend the meeting any time between 16h00 and 19h00. Informative material concerning the project will be available in poster format. Furthermore, the project team will be available during this time should you have specific queries in relation to the project.

Section 2 Southbound Carriageway: Progress

This section was opened to traffic on 17 May, 2010.

There a still some superficial unfinished items of work which will be completed during the construction of Section 2: Northbound.

Metrorail has approved the plans for the reconstruction of Carisbrook subway. Work on the subway has started and should be re-opened in 3 to 4 weeks.

Section 2 Northbound Carriageway: Progress

Asphalt milling started on 18th May and, despite a breakdown of the milling machine, was completed in 3 days.

Bulk excavation is behind schedule due to access problems. This is not affecting the critical path at this stage.

Installation of the 315mm water main is progressing well and the project team is currently on schedule.

Stormwater connections and catch pits are being installed concurrently with the water main.

The installation of rider sewers and sewer and water house connections will follow the water main.

Download the complete document, which includes a diagram, photos and Q&A’s