City extends period for public comment on proposed new zoning scheme

A final draft of the proposed new Cape Town Zoning Scheme (CTZS) was advertised for public comment and input by interested and affected parties during March and April this year. A substantial number of comments were received during this process. The comments were subsequently reviewed in detail by the City’s Zoning Scheme Task Team and a number of changes and improvements have since been made to the final draft. A response in respect of each previous comment received has been finalised and is posted on the City’s website at

In view of the changes to the final draft, the City’s Planning & Environment Portfolio Committee (PEPCO) agreed that the amended final draft be advertised in the media for further public comment and input during September 2010.

Councillor Taki Amira, Chairperson of the City’s Zoning Scheme Task Team, said that all comments received during previous rounds of public consultation will remain valid. Further comment should therefore be limited to the updates and changes now made to the final draft. This further commenting opportunity will run for an additional 30 day period. Comments are thus invited from 01 to 30 September 2010. As in the past, written comments will again be accepted by post, hand delivery, fax, e-mail or via the City’s website. The details will appear in press advertisements.

The updated final draft CTZS regulations document with appendix (with changes indicated) is available for downloading on the City’s website at Hard copies of the document are available for viewing at all the City’s Subcouncil offices, District Planning offices and public libraries.

“In order to read the revised regulations in context of individual property rights, property owners will once again be able to see the existing and proposed converted zoning of individual properties by means of a zoning viewer accessed through the City’s website. As complete converted zoning maps of all areas form part of a later phase of the project, these will only be advertised for comments later and will not be included in the current advertisement”, Councillor Amira said.

Following the consideration by the Task Team of further comments received during the September public consultation period, the updated final draft Zoning Scheme will be submitted to PEPCO for endorsement, subsequent to which it will be lodged with the relevant Provincial Minister for approval.


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