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Temporary implementation of one-way traffic for Main Rd Kalk Bay & St James

September 29, 2010

Herewith the latest circular from Chand :

As you are aware the City of Cape Town is undertaking work to rehabilitate Main Road from Muizenberg to Clovelly. This work is being undertaken in three phases and entails repair work to the road surface, underlying layerworks and the services running in the Main Road reserve given their advanced state of deterioration, specifically the water mains, storm water lines and sewer pipes. Phase 1 is currently underway and is expected to be completed during February 2011. Phase 2 is anticipated to commence in early 2011.

This letter serves to notify you that the City of Cape Town will be introducing a one-way direction traffic flow system for the Main Road, Kalk Bay. The Main Road between Clairvaux Road, Kalk Bay and St James Road, St James, will be temporarily closed to northbound vehicular traffic (from Kalk Bay towards St James/Muizenberg) from 4 October 2010 until 30 October 2012.

This is required for safety and traffic management reasons while work on the rehabilitation of the Main Road is in progress as well as to ensure that the construction period for Phase 2 is reduced. The management of traffic through the construction site has been a contributing factor to the slow progress of existing works. With improved traffic management, it is the project team’s view that the work would proceed at a faster pace.

Northbound vehicular traffic will be deviated via Clairvaux Road and Boyes Drive. Southbound vehicular traffic, from St James towards Clovelly/Fish Hoek, will be accommodated on a single lane and will not be affected.

Please note that as construction progresses southwards, the one-way traffic system will also move southwards and that the completed sections of road (northwards) will become two-way (north and south) again.

An Open House Meeting was held on Wednesday 14th July 2010 at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kalk Bay. At this meeting, information with regard to Phase 2 construction activities including the proposed one-way system was presented. Interested and Affected Parties were afforded an opportunity to provide their input regarding proposed Phase 2 activities including comments and concerns around the adoption of the proposed one–way system. Please note all comments received were tabled and considered by the project team prior to taking the decision to implement the one-way system.

The project team apologises that the implementation of the one-way was advertised in local newspapers before all the concerns raised by Interested and Affected Parties had been responded to. Please be assured that all the concerns raised were thoroughly considered by the project team and the decision to implement the one way system was made in the best interests of the community in order to reduce the construction period. The comments table, together with responses to the comments raised, is available on request from Chand Environmental.

Should you have any related queries, please contact Paul Booth, Department of Roads and Stormwater, on Tel 021 400 3985 or email

alternatively contact :

Melanie Webber / Kim Diedericks


PO Box 238 Plumstead 7801, Tel: 021 762 3050, Fax: 021 762 3240

Email: or

Below is a series of documents dealing with the issues in greater detail. Click on the links to download.

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