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Request to trim branches along Main Road

October 20, 2010

Please be advised that branches protruding onto sidewalks between St James and Kalk Bay can harzardous and potentially dangerous to pedestrians. Pedestrian traffic has increased on sidewalks since one side of the road was closed to pedestrian traffic.

All residents between St James and Kalk Bay are asked to make sure that if any branches are protruding from their properties onto sidewalks, please to have these trimmed by Wednesday, 27 October 2010. All branches that have not been trimmed by Wednesday, 27 October 2010 will be done so by the contractor.

Chand Environmental Consultants


Limited access to driveways on sea-side of Main Road, St James

October 18, 2010

Please be advised that during the next few weeks some residents along the eastern side of Main Road, St James (in the section from St James Road to Dalebrooke) will have limited or no access to their driveways due to construction activities.

Affected residents along this section would need to make use of the embayments further along Main Road or the parking area at St James station. If it is required and agreed to by all parties, these areas will be patrolled by security.

Night Work to Reline Sewer under Main Road

October 4, 2010

Please be advised that night work to reline existing degraded sewers in side roads along Main Road (between Braemar Road and St James Road) is currently in progress. Night work is unfortunately necessary, as this work cannot be undertaken during the day as sunlight is damaging to the lining.

The contractor will show due consideration to residents and will as far as possible, attempt to keep machine and noise levels to a minimum.

Works to reline the sewers will be untaken between 21h00 and 05h00 from Mondays to Fridays for approximately the next 4 weeks.

This work is necessary to rehabilitate the existing sewers down the side roads.