Cyclists urged to adhere to road closure rules in Kalk Bay

As part of the Main Road Rehabilitation Project between Muizenberg and Clovelly, a southbound (direction Cape Point) one-way traffic system has been put in place on Main Road in St James and Kalk Bay between St James Station and Clairvaux Road; road users must use this section in a southbound direction only and use Boyes Drive as an alternative route to travel northbound (direction CBD).

The City of Cape Town would like to emphasize that this one-way system rule applies to all road users, including cyclists, and that Traffic Officers will be deployed on an ad hoc basis to the area to ensure compliance.

At recent Community Liaison Meetings between the City Project Team and the community of Kalk Bay who are affected by the road works, numerous residents raised concerns about cyclists ignoring the southbound one-way arrangement.

By acting illegally and ignoring the one-way system, cyclists are currently able to pass quite easily in a northbound direction along the section of Main Road from Clairvaux Road through Kalk Bay where construction work is not yet underway. However in doing so, they then proceed in a northerly direction into the section that is presently under construction, directly into the oncoming traffic on a very narrow stretch of road. This creates an extremely dangerous situation for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike and may result in serious accidents.

Another concern expressed by community representatives, is that some of the cyclists who correctly use Boyes Drive as the northbound alternative route, are riding two or more abreast instead of adhering to the single file rule. This is dangerous under normal circumstances, but it is even more dangerous on this narrow road which now carries more traffic than usual.

The City appeals to all cyclists to please adhere to the road closure rules in order to prevent unnecessary accidents on this stretch of road during the construction period.

Progress on road works

The Main Road Rehabilitation Project between Muizenberg and Clovelly commenced in 2008 and Phase 1 of the project is now nearly complete. It is essential that this road be upgraded, as it has been in use for over 200 years and was not built to carry the weight of the more than 19 000 vehicles that now use the road daily.

Even though a new asphalt layer was added to the road in 1994, the large volume of traffic using the road is causing cracks and potholes, which has led to structural failure of the supporting layers in over 80% of the road.

The project entails removing the existing road layers and adding new base layers, as well as laying a new asphalt surface. All the services such as water mains, gravity sewers, and sewer rising mains will also be replaced or re-lined, which will limit the need for major maintenance in the next 20 to 30 years.

The Phase 1 contract between Muizenberg and Leighton Road, St James has been underway since February 2008 and is due for completion by February 2011. This contract has run for many more months than originally expected and the lessons learned on this phase (including the desirability of a one-way traffic system) have been incorporated into the Phase 2 tender.

The Phase 2 contract has been awarded and construction is due to commence early in 2011 with a two year contract period. Phase 2 extends from Leighton Road, St James to the Kalk Bay Harbour entrance. The one-way traffic system will remain in place for the duration of the Phase 2 contract.

It is the City’s intention to undertake the last section of this project, from Kalk Bay Harbour entrance to Clovelly Road immediately after completion of Phase 2.



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