Emergency Response Procedure for Main Road

As you are aware, a southbound only one-way system is in operation along Main Road from St. James to Kalk Bay. Northbound traffic (from Kalk Bay northwards i.e. to Muizenberg) is deviated via Clairvaux Road and Boyes Drive.

On Thursday 11 November 2010, a large container truck obstructed the upper section of Clairvaux Road, near Boyes Drive, causing serious traffic congestion for several hours before the incident was reported to the appropriate authorities. This has highlighted the need to involve the public in reporting incidents affecting the traffic flow in the area.

The project team together with the traffic control authorities has prepared a contingency plan, which will be implemented in the event of any unplanned obstruction to traffic flow in the following geographical areas:

Main Road from Steenberg Road to Clovelly Road.
Boyes Drive from Main Road along the entire length including Old Boyes Drive and Clairvaux Road.
Ou Kaapse Weg from Noordhoek Main Road to Steenberg Road.

As a first course of action, members of the public who have witnessed an incident affecting traffic flow should contact the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) and or the Resident Engineer, Andrew Rush to report the incident.

The TMC will mobilize the necessary traffic personnel and if necessary will notify the traffic controllers at local radio stations and any additional emergency services as required.

The Resident Engineer will update the Electronic Messaging Boards placed at strategic points to alert road users of the incident and to indicate alternative routes. The Resident Engineer will also contact Chand Environmental who will distribute an email notice to all registered persons on the project database notifying them of the incident and possible alternatives routes.

The Resident Engineer will then visit the scene, consult with the Traffic Control personnel and if required mobilize the available resources of Civils 2000, the Main Road rehabilitation contractor, to assist in the management and resolution of the incident.

As Boyes Drive is not suitable for extra heavy vehicles, Chand Environmental have sent notices to the Road Freight Association, the Ports Authority, waste management companies and large retailers requesting that their extra heavy vehicles use Ou Kaapse Weg thus reducing the risk of a breakdown and consequential delays to traffic on Boyes Drive.

The Traffic Management Centre (TMC) is manned 24 hours/day and has instant access to all the emergency services. Their telephone number is 021 812 4583.

The Resident Engineer, Andrew Rush, can be contacted on 072 355 5535 during business hours.

We appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Kind regards

Kim Diedericks



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