Red tape strangles Kalk Bay fundraiser

From the Cape Times, 10 March 2011 :

One of the most recent incidents was the annual Concert in the Park, a Kalk Bay community initiative, which has been an annual event for many years to raise money to maintain the local park. The event was cancelled because of the lengthy application process. Residents will have to find an alternative to raise funds or ask the city’s parks department to take over the maintenance.

Event organiser Judy Herbert said: “The concert is one of the highlights of our social calendar. We simply do not have the manpower to organise an event, as well as battle with a 27-page permit application.”

Councillor Demitri Qually said the bylaw ensured that suitable arrangements and safety measures were in place for public events. However, he criticised the application process.

“There are minimum negative impacts on the local community because of the law. However, I deeply regret the cancellation of the concert and will be working towards a change to the bylaw to better cater for small local events and those that are repeated regularly.”

Head of the city’s Film and Events Department, Terence Isaacs, said each event was assessed individually as a number of factors had to be taken into account.

Cape Times


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