Main Road Upgrading – Notice Re Traffic Changeover and disrupted access between Sandhurst and Leighton Roads

Please note the following:

1.         On Thursday 5th May 2011, traffic will be transferred from the mountainside to the sea side along the section of Main Road between Sandhurst Road and Leighton Road, to allow reconstruction to take place on the mountainside of the road.  The mountainside of the road will be under construction for the duration of approximately 3 months.

2.                 Traffic will remain on the mountain side between Leighton Road and Clairvaux Road.  Road users are urged to drive cautiously and obey road signs and the 40km/h speed limit.

3.                  Please note that for the duration of this operation vehicular access to residences along Main Road, including the side roads, between Sandhurst and Leighton Roads will not be possible between 7h30 and 17h30 from Monday to Friday.

4.         Affected residents wishing to use their vehicles during these hours are requested to please ensure that their vehicles are parked clear of the road works before 7h30 to avoid being without vehicular access.

5.         The Contractor will endeavour to make vehicular access available to the affected properties after 17H30 daily.


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