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Disruption of water supply, St James to Clovelly on Monday 20 June 2011

June 14, 2011

Please see attached City of Cape Town notification with respect to the planned Water Shutdown scheduled to take place on Monday, 20 June 2011.

Please note that there will be a disruption to the water supply in the area from St James (from Sandhurst Road) through to Clovelly (between Main Road and Boyes Drive) on Monday, 20 June 2011, from 08h30 until 17h00.

The areas that will be affected by this shutdown are: St James, Kalk Bay and Clovelly. It is possible that residents may either be without water during this time or experience a low pressure supply.

To minimise the inconvenience:

  • Residents should store sufficient water in clean, sealed containers for domestic consumption.
  • A water tanker will be placed on standby at the St James station should residents require any water for domestic consumption.
  • Residents must also ensure that their taps are closed whilst the work is in progress to eliminate the possibility of water loss or damage being incurred when the water supply and pressure is restored and nobody is at home.

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  • Telkom outages experienced in St James and Kalk Bay

    June 9, 2011

    According to a representative of Telkom, the problem lies with the replacement of a problematic old cable and its repair, pending its replacement.

    The replacement process is apparently on track but the repair is taking longer than anticipated owing to the inclement weather which resulted in the ingression of water into the cable. The Telkom representative anticipated that the repairs would be complete by Friday, 10th June 2011.

    A recent article that appeared in the People’s Post (7th June 2011) makes reference to these outages being as a result of damage caused by construction works on Main Road.

    However, the project team has confirmed that the cable in question has not been damaged by any negligence as a result of current construction works. Given the deteriorated nature of these old cables, water penetrated the paper and lead outer sheath.

    Main Road sewer installation on Tuesday 7th of June

    June 4, 2011

    The Contractor will be connecting the new 450mm sewer rising main to the Dalebrook pump station on Tuesday, 7th June 2011, weather permitting. This operation is expected to take approximately 6 hours commencing at 20h00 in the evening.

    The Contractor kindly requests all properties between Rhodes Cottage, Boyes Drive and Clovelly, to limit their disposal of water and wastewater during this time, to assist the successful completion of the operation.

    Your assistance in this regard is very much appreciated.