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Disrupted vehicular access to Pentrich Rd, 23rd August 2011

August 19, 2011

Please be advised that vehicular access to Pentrich Road will be disrupted between 07h30 and 17h30 on Tuesday, 23rd August 2011. No vehicular movements will be permissible during this time period.

The Contractor will be undertaking road works to lower existing Telkom cables which currently cross Pentrich Road.

Residents are requested to remove their vehicles from Pentrich Road prior to 07h30.

Should you have any queries or require assistance in this regard, please contact Chris Ford of Civils2000 on 082 577 465


Main Road traffic switchover at Holy Trinity Church

August 11, 2011
  • The road contractor is preparing to switch traffic over from the
    northbound lane (mountain side) to the Southbound lane (seaside) of the
    road from Leighton Road to the vicinity of the Holy Trinity Church (just
    beyond Dalebrook Road). This is to take place in the next few days.

  • Note that suitable arrangements will be put in place to ensure
    access to side streets and private properties on the mountain side of the

  • Ratepayers Association clarify position on Holy Trinity Church fence

    August 8, 2011

    The Kalk Bay and St James Residents & Ratepayers Association would like to clarify its position on the perimeter fence being constructed around the Holy Trinity Church.

    The Association does not in principle object to landowners securing their properties with perimeter fencing. The concern raised by the Association is that the Church commenced construction of a fence without building approval as required by the National Building Act.

    Our committee is dedicated to protecting Kalk Bay’s unique architectural heritage and townscape. The Church’s case is no different from many other initiatives which we have been involved in.

    We liaise with the City’s Urban Conservation branch on an almost weekly basis to assess applications for new work and alterations, a great number of them for new fences. These fence applications are always approved once they adhere to the guidelines for fences in heritage areas (these documents are freely available for download from our website).

    Regrettably there already exists a large number of unapproved fences, the progress of which, unchecked, will give Kalk Bay the appearance of a medium-security prison. Unfortunately, due to municipal procedure, it is much easier to stop unapproved building work underway, than to have it demolished after the fact.

    Our committee volunteers much of its free-time to protect our townscape. On occasion we’ve had the unpleasant task of fighting detrimental developments up to the level of making submissions to the office of Heritage Western Cape or opposing appeals to the premier.

    When our committee noticed the erection of a new fence on the most scenic section of Gatesville Rd we queried this with the building inspector, since we had not received any plans for the project.

    He visited the site and issued a cease works notice when it became clear that no building approval had been granted.

    Despite the cease works order the Church Council continued with their construction.

    After their disregard of this cease works order, our committee arranged an emergency meeting with the Church Council and sent them a formal letter explaining that, if they were unwilling to cooperate, our committee would have no option but to ask a Court to halt the unlawful building work.

    The decision to follow this approach was not taken lightly. It was only resorted to after all attempts to engage, co-operatively, with the Church Council had proved unsuccessful.

    Since then the Registrar: Diocese of False Bay has advised us that the Church Council will now submit to the standard process and seek municipal and heritage approval for the fence.

    We look forward to receiving an application which would do justice to the old Church’s scenic location and panoramic views, whilst providing the church-goers with the full security they seek.


    Roelf Jansen


    Kalk Bay and St James Residents and Ratepayers Association

    Power failure due to cable damage

    August 5, 2011

    At approximately 13:00 yesterday afternoon, one of Civils 2000’s mechanical excavators accidentally damaged a 11KV power cable opposite the Kalk Bay Theatre. The City of Cape Town’s Electrical Department were called in immediately, and under very adverse weather conditions, were able to restore power at about 21:00.

    Civils 2000 would like to apologise to all residents and business owners in Kalk Bay for any inconvenience that was caused as a result of this unfortunate incident.

    Road Works Emergency phone numbers

    August 4, 2011

    Please note that the Civils2000 contacts for assistance during emergency situations related to the road works, are different for Phase 1 and Phase 2:

    Phase 1 (from Muizenberg to Leighton Road, St James):

    · Chris Ford – Cell: 082 5774657 / After Hours : 021 7051573

    · Morne Blokdyk – Cell: 082 5691 859

    Phase 2 (from Leighton Road to Kalk Bay Harbour entrance):

    · Alan Espey – Cell: 082 7091 509

    · Oloff Bergh- Cell: 082 8245 179