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Roadworks on Boyes Drive commencing Monday, 3rd October 2011

September 28, 2011

The Contractor is to commence with work on essential repairs to Boyes Drive on Monday, 3rd October 2011. It is anticipated that the repairs will take between five and seven days to complete.

Please be advised of the following:

· During this operation the Contractor will employ a one-way system on Boyes Drive for northbound traffic between the hours of 09h00 to 16h00 for the section from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive.

· During this time, southbound traffic will be directed to use the Main Road.

· The work is planned in short sections starting from the south near Kalk Bay.

· The road will be reopened to normal two-way traffic after 16h00 each day.

The city apologises for any inconvenience caused and request that road users proceed with caution while this work is underway.


Roadworks : Access to driveways and side streets between Hillrise and Sandhurst Rd

September 20, 2011

(Sandhurst Road, Jacob’s Ladder, Capri Road, Ley Road, Pentrich Road and Hillrise Road)

Please be advised that the Contractor will be undertaking the final surfacing of Main Road in the section between Hillrise and Sandhurst Roads. This work commenced today, 20th September 2011 and will be completed by Thursday, 29th September 2011.

The Contractor will undertake as far as possible to provide access to all during this time and try to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Should you have any queries, require assistance or access during this time, kindly contact Chris Ford of Civils2000 on 082 577 4657 who will provide assistance.

Kalk Bay, St James Main Road Rehabilitation, Newsletter 20

September 14, 2011

Here’s the latest newsletter with all the information of on the progress of Phases 1 & 2.

Phase 1 (Canty House to Leighton Road)

  • One-way southbound traffic system

    The one-way system is still operating satisfactorily and the traffic was recently moved to the southbound carriageway between Leighton Road and Holy Trinity Church.The project team is continuously monitoring the one-way system from St. James Road to Clairvaux Road throughthe utilisation of CCTV cameras.

  • Boyes Drive remedial work

    As part of the current contract, the project team will be carrying out essential repairs to Boyes Drive. This work has been scheduled for September or October 2011, to reduce the risk of inclement weather. During this operation the team will be implementing a one-way system for northbound traffic, between the hours of 09h00 to 16h00, for the section from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive. The work is planned in short sections starting from the south near Kalk Bay. Southbound traffic will be directed to use the Main Road.

    Phase 1 completion: Sections 1 & 2

    Some progress has been made since the last meeting with respect to the outstanding items on Sections 1 and 2.

    Phase 1 progress: Section 3 northbound

  • Main sewer between Jacob’s Ladder and Ley Road

    From the team’s early investigations, it was determined that the section of main sewer between Jacob’s Ladder and Ley Road had to be completely reconstructed. This was always seen as an intimidating prospect as the distance is approximately 110 metres at a depth of 4 metres at Ley Road and approximately 3 metres at Jacob’s Ladder and in a very confined space between existing services. Before work could commence on the sewer it was necessary to construct the new water main as the old cast iron main was on a similar alignment to the sewer and in a fragile condition.

    Work to the main sewer was completed on 26 August 2011.

  • Roads and footways

    The roads and footways are following the completed underground services and subject to the completion of the Telkom switch-over. This is expected to be finalised by 9 September 2011.

  • Telkom services

    The new Telkom manhole at Sandhurst Road has been completed and new sleeves have been installed to reconnect the system at Jacob’s Ladder. Telkom are at present installing the new cables. Once they have completed the cable installation they will be switching individual consumers on a systematic basis. The downside is that until the cables are finally installed the team is unable to complete the roadworks outside the St. James Retirement Hotel.

    Phase 2 (Leighton Road to Kalk Bay Harbour)

  • Section A: Southbound – Leighton Road to Holy Trinity Church

    With the exception of the footway, which has been delayed by the installation of new street lights, this section was opened to traffic 15th August 2011.

  • Section C: Southbound – Holy Trinity Church to Kalk Bay Station

    This section is falling further behind schedule as hard bedrock has been encountered in the excavation opposite Rouxville Road. The rock is in the vicinity of the 600mm diameter stormwater outfall where the team needs to install a steel offset to pass under this pipe. The Contractor has meanwhile skipped the area of bedrock and is moving south while a decision is made on the rock removal options.

    The parking areas at the Brass Bell and Cape to Cuba are complete and the parking area next to the Haven
    night-shelter is currently being worked upon.

    The pedestrian precinct in front of Kalk Bay Station building is under construction and the area will be expanded and squared off in front of Sirocco and alongside Kalk Bay Trading Post to form a more user friendly space. This enhanced space has been made possible by the involvement of Roelf Jansen and the community spirit of Michael Townsend and Tony Popplestone.

  • Peripheral Projects:

    Upgrade of the Ou Kaapse Weg and Steenberg Road intersection to provide an additional right turn

    This is now complete with the exception of the reflective road studs which are en route from the manufacturer in Durban.

    An additional lane at the Royal Road / Axminster Road intersection in Muizenberg:

    This is also complete except for a section of “red” no-stopping lines east of Axminster Road.

    Download the full documents by clicking on the links below:

    Kalk Bay, St James, Main Road Rehabilition Newsletter 20