Planned repair works on Boyes Drive

Please be aware that the Contractor will undertake repair work on Boyes Drive, on Tuesday 25thand Wednesday 26thOctober 2011. As such a temporary one-way system for northbound traffic will be instituted between the hours of 09h00 to 16h00 (for the section of road from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive) and southbound traffic will thus be directed to use Main Road during this time on both Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th October 2011.

Please note that there is currently insufficient bitumen to undertake work further than Wednesday, 26 October 2011. It is anticipated that bitumen will only be available in mid-November 2011. Once the bitumen supplies have been restored in mid-November 2011, work on Boyes Drive will resume. Contractor will then require 7 working days (excluding Fridays and Saturdays) to complete the repairs.


No delays were experienced on Main Road today as the construction staff were prohibited from moving machines in a northerly direction. However, this is not sustainable as it will affect progress of works on the Main Road.

As such, for the remaining two days, machine movements, which affect traffic, will occur only once per hour and the affect closely monitored. A traffic control person with two way communication, will be stationed at Leighton Road to monitor traffic build up and provide an early warning, and an additional person will be stationed further north, at Atlantic Road.

It has been agreed that no work would occur on Boyes Drive on Fridays, the traffic flow on Fridays appears to be significantly higher than any other day of the week.


The project team considered undertaking night work on Boyes Drive but have ruled out this option in the short term for the following reasons:

· There is only three days’ worth of bitumen available, including today, and the team would waste a day with the shift changeover.

· The street lighting on Boyes is not adequate and additional lighting would be necessary.

· Public engagement with Boyes Drive residents would need to take place first before any night work can be undertaken.


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