Planned water shutdown for Kalk Bay and Clovelly on Thurs, 1st December 2011

Please note that there will be a disruption to the water supply in the area from Kalk Bay to Clovelly (between Main Road and Boyes Drive) on Thursday, 1st December 2011, from 08h30 until 17h00.

The areas that will be affected by this shutdown are Kalk Bay and Clovelly. The effect of this shutdown will be similar to the shutdown which occurred in August this year. It is possible that residents may either be without water during this time or experience a low pressure supply.

To minimise the inconvenience:

· Residents should store sufficient water in clean, sealed containers for domestic consumption.

· Should residents require any water for domestic consumption, a water tanker will be placed on standby near the intersection of Clairvaux Road (Boyes Drive) and the Main Road.

· Residents must also ensure that their taps are closed whilst the work is in progress to eliminate the possibility of water loss or damage being incurred when the water supply and pressure is restored and nobody is at home.

Should you have any queries in this regard, kindly contact Farouk Robertson at the City of Cape Town on 021 487 2318 or 084 307 2001.


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