Kalk Bay traffic woes : Feedback re Gatesville Rd complaints, Part 1

Chand Environmental press release 28/02/2012 :

The project team is tackling the traffic problem as follows:

1.            The Traffic Inspector in charge of the area has been asked to conduct regular law enforcement in the area. The team is also trying to establish if they can preclude taxis from using the village roads and will do so if legally possible.

2.            A request has been through to the Traffic Inspector to concentrate on moving violations and not to ticket cars parked in the incorrect direction in view of the special conditions which exist in Gatesville Road and the lack of turning capacity for cars approaching from a southerly direction.

3.            The project team has approved the use of temporary speed humps which are soon to be installed in Gatesville, Quarterdeck, Belmont and Lever roads. The use of temporary speed humps in the area until the Main Road is opened to two way traffic from Clairvaux Road (anticipated to be in 6 months’ time) is unlikely to deter many vehicles from using the village but it will reduce the speeds significantly. The downside of the use of temporary speed humps will unfortunately be an increase in vehicle noise through braking and acceleration.

4.            Converting Gatesville to a one-way northbound was considered, however the  project team feels strongly that this will increase traffic volumes and speed.  As such,  the project team is considering creating lay byes in Gatesville Road to allow space for vehicles to pull aside as well as demarcating parking bays to ensure the efficient use of limited space.

Various other options were considered to assist the situation but were deemed too onerous for road users, theses were:-

1.         To close the Main Road at Quarterdeck Road to northbound vehicles. This would inconvenience the entire catchment south of Quarterdeck Road.
2.         To make Quarterdeck Road one way southbound. This would transfer the problem to Belmont, Lever and Rouxville Roads, with a greater number of intersections and which      passes the Lever road park entrance.

It should also be noted that a 3 ton weight restriction sign has been provided at the intersection of Anderson Road and Lock road which should deter large vehicles from using the village.

Please be assured that the project team is taking the situation seriously.


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