Kalk Bay traffic woes : Feedback re Gatesville Rd complaints, Part 2

Communication from Chand Environmental on 01/03/2012 :

Dear Residents of Kalk Bay village roads

Further to your concerns and suggestions regarding the Quarterdeck/Gatesville Roads traffic situation, and the feedback already provided to you, the City of Cape Town has investigated the matter further. On Monday 27th February 2012 Andrew Rush (Resident Engineer), Mark Doubell and Paul Booth (City of Cape Town) monitored the northbound traffic along Gatesville Road from 3.30pm until 5.00pm.

Paul Booth has provided the following feedback:

“During this time we counted the northbound vehicles in periods of 5 minutes. Starting from 3.30pm to 3.35, we counted 15 vehicles. This slowly increased to a maximum of 37 vehicles per 5 minutes at 4pm and then slowly reduced again to 15 vehicles when we stopped counting at 5pm. The total number of vehicles for the 1,5 hours amounted to 360 vehicles.

Without exception all the vehicles were driving considerately and slowly. It was also noted that within each five minute period the vehicles came through in platoons of between 5 and 10 vehicles with breaks of between 20 and 30 seconds, allowing south bound vehicles the opportunity to proceed south.

If one considers that the last set of traffic counts we measured in November 2011, between 3.30pm and 5 pm on Monday 28th November we counted a total of 1231 vehicles traveling north. This illustrates that only 30% of northbound vehicles in the evening peak are now using Gatesville Road to reach the Main Road.

The project team believes that the original purpose for the installation of the temporary speed humps, to reduce speeds, has been successful and that the volume of traffic whilst much more than the norm is manageable.

It is the project team’s view that the current accommodation of traffic is acceptable for the following reasons.

  1.  The roads are public roads.
  2. The roads can accommodate the additional traffic. (The failure of a concrete panel in Quarterdeck road recently had nothing to do with the increase in traffic. It was caused by a leaking sewer which had washed out the base supporting the concrete surface)
  3. The speed humps which are not complete yet have had a positive influence in reducing traffic speeds.
  4. The route from the intersection of Anderson Road and Boyes Drive via Gatesville and Quarterdeck roads to the intersection of Main and Atlantic Road is over 2 km shorter than via Old Boyes Drive.
  5.  The local residents of the area wishing to go to Boyes Drive have the option of using Main Road with little or no inconvenience, thereby avoiding the increase in northbound traffic along Gatesville road.
  6.  The local residents wishing to go north or east can do so via Main Road if they wish.
  7. Patrons of the commercial district can circulate efficiently and can get to the car park opposite Holy Trinity Church via Quarterdeck Road.
  8. On-going efforts are being made to get the taxis to remain on Boyes Drive.
  9. The current situation will only last until the Main Road is completed up to Clairvaux Road.


Paul Booth”

We trust that this clarifies matters.

Chand Environmental


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