Kalk Bay & St James security over the high season

The ratepayers committee have liaised with various role-players to ensure a safe and secure environment during the holidays :

  • The Harbour Master has arranged to clean the Harbour Beach daily with her staff and will provide security for the Beach as she is able.
  • The Mountain Men two man patrol should start operating in Kalk Bay on Monday, 17th.December. They also have an observer on the mountain above Kalk Bay during daylight hours.
  • The monitored security cameras on Main Road should start operating a day or two later.

Both these operations are mainly funded by the Harbour House Restaurant, with contributions from Olympia Restaurant and the Ratepayers Association.

  • The Mountain Men have agreed to take calls from residents through their switch board dealing with specific problems in public areas. The number is 021-7003120

They will then contact the relevant authorities and report the problem. The Mountain Men street patrol will assist where possible.
These calls will be monitored and logged by the Mountain Men and we ask that any residents making such a call, report back to Crimewatch with brief details of the response (or lack thereof) to the particular problem.

This record would be very useful in future dealings with the authorities.

  •  The Mountain Men customers will continue to receive their normal service with the dedicated patrol vehicle.

We hope that the above measures will improve the poor security situation in the Village area which has existed in previous years but much depends on the vigilance of you, the residents and businesses. Please report problems.

Bert Stafford
Security Portfolio


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