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Explanation of Main Rd stop-go timing

March 11, 2013

The road building team has received several complaints last week regarding the “longer than usual” delays and would like to explain the operation of the stop-go system which has been set up and the contributing factors which can cause delays.

The maximum time allowed for each queue and the sequence in which the cycle must operate is as follows:

1) Traffic from Muizenberg towards Fish Hoek (Southbound) – 7 minutes

2) Traffic from Clairvaux Road (Boyes Drive) – 5 minutes

3) Traffic from harbour into Main Road.

4) Traffic from Fish Hoek towards Muizenberg (Northbound) – 7minutes

5) Traffic from harbour into Main Road.

Runs 1 to 5 are repeated on an on-going basis. No deviation from this set up is allowed. The maximum cycle times are never exceeded on any one approach to prevent the queue lengths becoming too long on the other two approaches. The aim is to attempt to balance the 3 queue lengths at all times.

The harbour parking availability is being carefully monitored and the VMS signs are activated to read “FULL” whenever necessary.

Should you notice any change to the system as set out above, please report this to Chand. We request that you provide us with a detailed account of what you have experienced i.e. direction, time of day, date etc. so that we can relay constructive complaints/comments to the engineers and project team on site.

There are a number of factors that have a considerable negative effect on the smooth flow of traffic which include inter alia:

  • The good weather we have experienced recently is believed to have encouraged an influx of visitors to the area;
  • The area is also believed to be experiencing an increase in the number of tourists, most likely due to the Argus Cycle Tour as well as general seasonal tourism;
  • Kalk Harbour entrance is extremely difficult to manage due to the railway level crossing. Limited queuing space and the fact that the general public tend to ignore the VMS signboards and the flagmen advising them that the harbour is full all contribute to the tailbacks which have been experienced;
  • Regular vehicle breaking downs and stalling is experienced;
  • Access for emergency service vehicles causes delays as these vehicles must be given priority;
  • Regular incidents of drivers falling asleep whilst waiting for the signals to turn green;
  • General tendency of motorists not keeping up with the vehicles in front of them thereby reducing the traffic volume per cycle.

    The team understands that the prolonged nature of this project is creating a heightened sense of frustration for the residential component of the community, business owners, general road users as well as communities surrounding the Kalk Bay area.

    Please know that the project team is very much aware of the issues and is continually monitoring the traffic system and trying their best to manage the traffic while undertaking the much needed road rehabilitation and infrastructure upgrading.