December Newsletter

Welcome to this newsletter from the RRA.

The aim of this newsletter is to introduce new residents to the RRA and to highlight some of its activities during the year.

If you own property or live in the area you will share a love for this wonderful environment. There is a special charm to Kalk Bay and St James that is hard to beat. The combination of sea, mountains, tidal pools, charming shops and good restaurants has a wide appeal not only to the residents but to many visitors both local and from abroad.

However this environment is under pressure from many quarters and cannot be taken for granted. Ward 64 of the City of Cape Town of which KB/SJ is a small part, is a large area that includes Muizenberg, Capricorn Park, Lakeside, Clovelly and Fish Hoek. Both the SAPS and the City Council have their resources stretched in dealing with the economic, social and crime issues in the whole ward.

The RRA represents ratepayers and residents living between Carisbrooke Steps and Clovelly Station – some 700 households or about 2,000 people. The primary focus of the RRA (which has been in existence for nearly 50 years) is to protect and promote the interests of Kalk Bay/St James in all matters and to promote civic awareness. We aim to ensure that the City Council and other public service providers such as SAPS, provides the best possible services. The RRA works closely with the SRA in this regard.

The jurisdictional pattern in our area is complex. The area from the sea front to Boyes Drive falls under the City Council, the rail corridor and certain adjoining properties belongs to PRASA, and the Harbour and its beach fall under the Dept. of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). Additionally Boyes Drive abuts Sanparks land above. Working with these different bodies to get the best outcome is complex and time consuming.

A word about the main differences between the RRA and the SRA:

The local SRA (special rates area) which was founded in 2014 is a separate “not for profit” company that is funded by the City Council via a rates levy. The mandate of the SRA is limited to supplementing core services of public safely and cleaning. The SRA funds and directs the Lake Security patrolmen and street cleaners in the area. The RRA works closely with the SRA in this regard.

Some of the activities of the RRA are as follows.

Main Road upgrading.

The RRA members attend the bi-monthly Community Liaison Meetings run by Chand Environmental Consultants in association with Martin & East the Main Road contractors. They work closely with the contractors to help ensure that this long and complex project progresses in a way that causes minimal disruption to local residents and that the outcome is as good as possible. Bert Stafford, a retired civil engineer, plays a leading role in this work.


The RRA meets regularly with the SRA, SAPS, Mountainmen, Sanparks and Baywatch the local neighbourhood watch. Crime is an ongoing problem and a coordinated crime prevention strategy that is regularly reviewed is the best way to keep this to a minimum.

Heritage /Development.

The City Council requires that the heritage subcommittee of the RRA inspects and comments on all new building plans for the area before plans can be passed. We live in a Heritage Protection Overlay Zone (HPOZ) where the whole area is considered of heritage value and all new building plans need to conform to heritage requirements. While this requirement may seem onerous to residents planning to build or alter existing buildings, it is the reason that Kalk Bay and St James retain their unique character and do not become another Sea Point. We are lucky to have the tireless services of Barrie Gasson who is a retired town planner to lead this work.

Green spaces and beaches.

The City Council is responsible for regular clean ups of all the green spaces and alien clearing along the lower side of Boyes Drive. The RRA highlights problem areas and encourages the City Council to deal with these. We have recently taken our new ward Councillor Aimee Kuhl on a walkabout and drawn her attention to the need for park maintenance, repairs to the tidal pools and storm water outlets, and maintenance of the Community Centre. A landscape architect is advising on the landscaping and replanting of Danger Beach Park. Beach clean ups are undertaken in conjunction with the SRA and environmental groups.

Harbour affairs.

The RRA, headed by Tony Trimmel who has extensive knowledge of the fishing community, is actively involved in helping to maintain a clean and safe harbour environment. This iconic harbour is a highlight for locals and visitors alike. However vagrancy, squatting, alcohol abuse and littering are ongoing issues that need attention from all the stake holders. We liaise with DAFF to help make the harbour experience as good as possible.

Sadly the fishing industry is in decline and the main business of Kalk Bay is now tourism and local residents are increasingly dependent on this for a living.

Art Exhibition. Public Art

The RRA has been approached by renowned wildlife sculptor Dylan Lewis to hold an outdoor exhibition in Kalk Bay. Dylan has previously had similar exhibitions in Stellenbosch and Kirstenbosch. The project is still in its formative stages and will be put before the community before any decisions are taken.

Are you a member of the RRA?

We need your support to help keep our environment in shape.

Membership is open to all property owners and permanent residents of the area.

If you are not a member or are not sure, will you please reply to this email with your details and we will sign you up.

Subscriptions are R50 annually and can be paid on line.

Please see attached membership form.


For further information please contact the secretary Barrie Gasson.


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