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December Newsletter

December 2, 2016

Welcome to this newsletter from the RRA.

The aim of this newsletter is to introduce new residents to the RRA and to highlight some of its activities during the year.

If you own property or live in the area you will share a love for this wonderful environment. There is a special charm to Kalk Bay and St James that is hard to beat. The combination of sea, mountains, tidal pools, charming shops and good restaurants has a wide appeal not only to the residents but to many visitors both local and from abroad.

However this environment is under pressure from many quarters and cannot be taken for granted. Ward 64 of the City of Cape Town of which KB/SJ is a small part, is a large area that includes Muizenberg, Capricorn Park, Lakeside, Clovelly and Fish Hoek. Both the SAPS and the City Council have their resources stretched in dealing with the economic, social and crime issues in the whole ward.

The RRA represents ratepayers and residents living between Carisbrooke Steps and Clovelly Station – some 700 households or about 2,000 people. The primary focus of the RRA (which has been in existence for nearly 50 years) is to protect and promote the interests of Kalk Bay/St James in all matters and to promote civic awareness. We aim to ensure that the City Council and other public service providers such as SAPS, provides the best possible services. The RRA works closely with the SRA in this regard.

The jurisdictional pattern in our area is complex. The area from the sea front to Boyes Drive falls under the City Council, the rail corridor and certain adjoining properties belongs to PRASA, and the Harbour and its beach fall under the Dept. of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). Additionally Boyes Drive abuts Sanparks land above. Working with these different bodies to get the best outcome is complex and time consuming.

A word about the main differences between the RRA and the SRA:

The local SRA (special rates area) which was founded in 2014 is a separate “not for profit” company that is funded by the City Council via a rates levy. The mandate of the SRA is limited to supplementing core services of public safely and cleaning. The SRA funds and directs the Lake Security patrolmen and street cleaners in the area. The RRA works closely with the SRA in this regard.

Some of the activities of the RRA are as follows.

Main Road upgrading.

The RRA members attend the bi-monthly Community Liaison Meetings run by Chand Environmental Consultants in association with Martin & East the Main Road contractors. They work closely with the contractors to help ensure that this long and complex project progresses in a way that causes minimal disruption to local residents and that the outcome is as good as possible. Bert Stafford, a retired civil engineer, plays a leading role in this work.


The RRA meets regularly with the SRA, SAPS, Mountainmen, Sanparks and Baywatch the local neighbourhood watch. Crime is an ongoing problem and a coordinated crime prevention strategy that is regularly reviewed is the best way to keep this to a minimum.

Heritage /Development.

The City Council requires that the heritage subcommittee of the RRA inspects and comments on all new building plans for the area before plans can be passed. We live in a Heritage Protection Overlay Zone (HPOZ) where the whole area is considered of heritage value and all new building plans need to conform to heritage requirements. While this requirement may seem onerous to residents planning to build or alter existing buildings, it is the reason that Kalk Bay and St James retain their unique character and do not become another Sea Point. We are lucky to have the tireless services of Barrie Gasson who is a retired town planner to lead this work.

Green spaces and beaches.

The City Council is responsible for regular clean ups of all the green spaces and alien clearing along the lower side of Boyes Drive. The RRA highlights problem areas and encourages the City Council to deal with these. We have recently taken our new ward Councillor Aimee Kuhl on a walkabout and drawn her attention to the need for park maintenance, repairs to the tidal pools and storm water outlets, and maintenance of the Community Centre. A landscape architect is advising on the landscaping and replanting of Danger Beach Park. Beach clean ups are undertaken in conjunction with the SRA and environmental groups.

Harbour affairs.

The RRA, headed by Tony Trimmel who has extensive knowledge of the fishing community, is actively involved in helping to maintain a clean and safe harbour environment. This iconic harbour is a highlight for locals and visitors alike. However vagrancy, squatting, alcohol abuse and littering are ongoing issues that need attention from all the stake holders. We liaise with DAFF to help make the harbour experience as good as possible.

Sadly the fishing industry is in decline and the main business of Kalk Bay is now tourism and local residents are increasingly dependent on this for a living.

Art Exhibition. Public Art

The RRA has been approached by renowned wildlife sculptor Dylan Lewis to hold an outdoor exhibition in Kalk Bay. Dylan has previously had similar exhibitions in Stellenbosch and Kirstenbosch. The project is still in its formative stages and will be put before the community before any decisions are taken.

Are you a member of the RRA?

We need your support to help keep our environment in shape.

Membership is open to all property owners and permanent residents of the area.

If you are not a member or are not sure, will you please reply to this email with your details and we will sign you up.

Subscriptions are R50 annually and can be paid on line.

Please see attached membership form.


For further information please contact the secretary Barrie Gasson.


November 29, 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

Please click on the links below to read the reports and minutes:

Chairman’s Report


Treasurer’s Report


April 30, 2012


to be held on


19h45 for 20h00

in the



1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Special Interest Topic: Main Road – Retrospect and Prospects 2012 – 2013 Phase 3

Andy Rush (Kayad Knight Pressold Civil Engineers), Paul Booth (City Council), and Steve Sutcliffe (Trafficon) will present the options under consideration for managing traffic during construction from Clairvaux Road to Clovelly Road, and Casa Labia to York Road, and their probable implications for the South Peninsula and Kalk Bay – Muizenberg.

3. Adoption of the Minutes of the 2011 A G M

4. Treasurer’s Report and Discussion

5. Chairman’s Report and Discussion

6. General

7. Election of 2012 – 13 Executive Committee

According to the constitution the Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and five additional members. Up to 4 further members may be co-opted.

The 2011 Committee stands down as a matter of course but existing members may be re-nominated for the in-coming Committee. The members of the present Committee available for re-election are: Alan Espey,  Dennis Evennett, Bert Stafford, Derek Stuart-Findlay, and Tony Trimmel.

Nominations for the 2012 Committee may be made either to the Secretary before the Meeting, or prospective candidates may be nominated at the meeting. Candidates must be paid-up members of the Association and have been members for at least three months.

The meeting will end at 21:30 – Refreshments will be served

All residents and ratepayers are welcome to attend the AGM and the Association welcomes new members.

Annual Subscriptions are due in January each year.

Outstanding subscriptions for 2012 may be settled at the Meeting.

Subscription for a household is R50 per annum or R140 for three years.

Electronic payments may be made to: Kalk Bay District Ratepayers, Standard Bank Fish Hoek, Account No. 07 664 2062. When making a cash, cheque or EFT deposit please ensure that your name appears as the beneficiary reference.

Please address any queries to Barrie Gasson – Secretary. Tel: 021 788 1855

Ratepayers Annual General Meeting – 22nd May 2012

April 18, 2012

Our annual AGM will take place on Tuesday 22 May at 19:45 for 20:00.

All residents are encouraged to attend. Nominations for new committee members will be welcomed.

More details to follow.

Road Closures due to Two Oceans Marathon

April 5, 2012


Motorists travelling south and north will be diverted over Boyes Drive to Clairvaux Road and then a stop – go system to Clovelly Road. traffic travelling to and from Kommetjie / Simonstown Roads through Fish Hoek will be diverted via Beach Road.

Please note that residents are requested not to park along the route from Atlantic Road, Muizenberg through St. James and Kalk Bay until the police station just past Clovelly Road in Fish hoek, and to use alternative side streets for the duration of the race:

Ou Kaapse Weg – 07h00 – 09h30

Southbound (direction Fish Hoek) closed between Steenberg and Noordhoek Roads. Northbound traffic diverted via Buller Louw. Stop/Go system for both runners and cars from 09h30. Expect Delays.

Kommetjie Road: Fish Hoek – 07h00 – 09h30

From Main Road to Corsair Way, Sun Valley, motorists to share westbound (direction Kommetjie) lane. Runners use eastbound lane. Drive with caution.

Corsair Way: Sun Valley

07h00 – 10h00

Traffic proceeding to the City from the False Bay areas will be diverted through Fish Hoek along Main Road to Kalk Bay and then along Boyes Drive to Lakeside. From there, drivers will be directed to the Blue Route (M3).

Residents in the following areas are requested not to park along the route and to use alternative side streets for the duration of the race:

· Between Klipper and San Souci Roads

· From Atlantic Road, Muizenberg through St. James and Kalk Bay until the police station just past Clovelly Road in Fish hoek.

· Kommetjie Road from 17th Avenue through to Fish Hoek Circle at Main road (runners will be running towards Sun Valley facing traffic within one lane which will be coned off).

Please note that the M3 Nothbound lane will remain open to traffic for the duration of the event.

Delays can be expected for the duration of the Old Mutual Two Oceans marathon. We appeal to motorists to avoid using roads leading to the race route. Please comply with the directions given by traffic officers and marshals. Road signs will be in place during the week prior to the race, advising motorists of the road closures.

Further information can be accessed from the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon website –

Power outage in Kalk Bay

February 2, 2012

Please be advised that an electrical cable has been accidently damaged in Kalk Bay this morning and this has resulted in a power outage in the Kalk Bay area.

The City Council Electrical Department has been deployed to repair the cable and it is anticipated that the power will be out for approximately 5 hours.

Planned water shutdown on Tuesday, 25 October

October 20, 2011

Please see attached City of Cape Town notification with respect to the planned water shutdown scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 25 October 2011.

Please note that there will be a disruption to the water supply in the area from St James (from Sandhurst Road) through to Clovelly (between Main Road and Boyes Drive) on Tuesday, 25 October 2011, from 08h30 until 17h00.

The areas that will be affected by this shutdown are: St James, Kalk Bay and Clovelly. The effect of this shutdown will be similar to the shutdown which occurred earlier this year in June. It is possible that residents may either be without water during this time or experience a low pressure supply.

To minimise the inconvenience:

· Residents should store sufficient water in clean, sealed containers for domestic consumption.

· Should residents require any water for domestic consumption, a water tanker will be placed on standby near the intersection of Clairvaux Road (Boyes Drive) and the Main Road.

· Residents must also ensure that their taps are closed whilst the work is in progress to eliminate the possibility of water loss or damage being incurred when the water supply and pressure is restored and nobody is at home.

Should you have any queries in this regard, kindly contact Farouk Robertson at the City of Cape Town on 021 487 2318 or 084 307 2001.

Kindly disseminate this information to other affected parties.

Telkom outages experienced in St James and Kalk Bay

June 9, 2011

According to a representative of Telkom, the problem lies with the replacement of a problematic old cable and its repair, pending its replacement.

The replacement process is apparently on track but the repair is taking longer than anticipated owing to the inclement weather which resulted in the ingression of water into the cable. The Telkom representative anticipated that the repairs would be complete by Friday, 10th June 2011.

A recent article that appeared in the People’s Post (7th June 2011) makes reference to these outages being as a result of damage caused by construction works on Main Road.

However, the project team has confirmed that the cable in question has not been damaged by any negligence as a result of current construction works. Given the deteriorated nature of these old cables, water penetrated the paper and lead outer sheath.

Later trains to Kalk Bay & St James

March 25, 2011

Monday 28 March 2011 sees the introduction of an extended commuter train service between Cape Town and Simon’s Town. The existing afternoon services have been supplemented with three additional trains departing from Cape Town Station.

South bound commuters now have the flexibility of twenty-one trains leaving the city between 16:10 and 21:10. Twenty of these afternoon trains stop at Retreat, eighteen stop at Fish Hoek and nine operate as far as Simon’s Town. The trains will stop at all stations en route.

The pilot is one of several collaborative initiatives between public transport partners Metrorail, the Provincial Ministry of Transport & Public Works and the City of Cape Town’s Directorate for Transport, Roads & Storm Water to improve public transport provision.

Metrorail’s Regional Manager Lindelo Matya said: ‘We are confident that the extended hours will find favour with our existing customers’. He added: ‘The convenience and affordability of the later service is aimed at attracting new markets from within the CBD.’

The City of Cape Town will extend the operational hours of security guards at 10 park-and-rides along the Southern rail line, to coincide with Metrorail’s extended operational hours. These park & ride facilities include Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek, Muizenberg, Lakeside, Retreat, Heathfield, Diep River, Plumstead, Kenilworth and Claremont.

“The benefits of the security guards at park-and-rides and the extended commuter train service include reducing congestion and the pollution associated with motor vehicles, reducing the public’s dependency on private vehicles, reducing time spent traveling each day, as well as a significant saving in travelling costs”, said Councillor Elizabeth Thompson, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Major Projects. “Accordingly the City of Cape Town will provide security guards at ten park-and-rides along this line until 30 minutes after the last train has left the particular station” said Cllr. Thompson.

The MEC for Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle assured commuters that they have put measures in place to make it safe for commuters to use this service. “I urge all motorists to make full use of these extended services. Those who work late now have the opportunity to use safe, reliable and affordable train services that suit their unique work schedules. We have put in place strong safety and security measures to safeguard the park and ride facilities and ensure that the safety of commuters is not at risk during train tips”. “The re-introduction of the extended services for Simon’s Town is our first attempt to revive the late night train service that was once a common feature of our public transport system in the past.”

The extended rail operational hours now provide Capetonians the option of working flexi-hours, whilst still using public transport. The City’s Sustainable Transport Section continues to encourage large employers to explore the notion of flexi-hours, an idea supported by Metrorail and the Cape Regional Chamber. The later trains provide an opportunity for some employees to vary their working hours and revise their shifts, reducing hour peak demand on public transport. Students too can remain on campus later while assured of a train home.

This extended service is a pilot project that will run for six months. The successes and challenges of this pilot project will be monitored and evaluated, as it will inform the decision to permanently reinstate evening trains or not. The success of this pilot could see similar services introduced on other lines in the city.

Detailed information is available from the City’s Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63, or on The rail time tables are available on

Popeye at Kalk Bay Harbour

July 28, 2010

Just for fun – a picture shot at Kalk Bay Harbour for a new advertising campaign.


Click on the picture for the background story.