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Kalk Bay Historical Association – Schedule of Talks for 2013-14

May 10, 2013


DATE: Tuesday 28 May 2013 at 8pm

VENUE: The Bible Institute, 180 Main Road, Kalk Bay

SPEAKER: Barrie Gasson

After more than a decade of dispute and preparation the foundation stone of the Breakwater was laid on the morning of 7 June 1913 by the Hon. Henry Burton, Minister of Transport in the Union Government. By 1919, after wartime delays, the Breakwater, Fish Landing Quay and Slipway were complete. Twenty years later the North Mole and Wooden Jetty completed the enclosure of a basin of 5 acres that has provided shelter to fishing and pleasure craft ever since.

The talk will deal with various themes covering 100 years of harbour history.


DATE: Tuesday 30 July 2013 at 8pm

VENUE: The Bible Institute, 180 Main Road, Kalk Bay

SPEAKER: Elizabeth van Heyningen & Tony Murray

During the first post Anglo-Boer war decade the zeitgeist of Unification ran strongly in southern Africa and culminated in national union. It filtered down into municipal politics on the Peninsula and after much wrangling resulted in the amalgamation of seven small municipalities with the ‘giant’ of Cape Town. Many forces drove unification, the chief one being financial weakness in the face of costly infrastructure development, particular-ly tapping the water supplies that lay in the distant Hottentots Holland mountains.

The talk will expose the politics and the personalities behind the movement and explore the engineering and financial difficulties of bringing water to the amalgamated municipalities.


DATE: Tuesday 29 October 2013 at 8pm

VENUE: The Bible Institute, 180 Main Road, Kalk Bay

SPEAKER: Steve Herbert

The brothers John and William Delbridge were builders of many public works in the Wynberg area in the 1880s – 90s (Wynberg Water Scheme and Dams; Mowbray Town Hall). From the early 1900s they became major investors in and contributors to the Kalk Bay – Muizenberg area where they built dozens of homes, notably in finely dressed stone. John Delbridge was the last mayor of the Kalk Bay – Muizenberg Municipality in 1913, the year his brother completed Muizenberg Railway Station which was opened by the Hon. Henry Burton on the afternoon of 7 June 1913. John’s son, the well-known architect William John Delbridge, also designed many homes in the area.

The talk will explore the legacy of this talented and industrious family.


DATE: Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 8pm

VENUE: The Bible Institute, 180 Main Road, Kalk Bay

SPEAKER: To be announced later.


Kalk Bay Historical Assocation Bulletins for sale

April 2, 2013

Contents of Kalk Bay Historical Association Bulletins 1997 – 2011

Bulletin 1: 1996 – 97 (60 pp. incl. 24 illustrations) R 15.00

  • The Sonqua and Khoikhoi of the Cape Peninsula – Andy Smith
  • The Evolution and Development of Kalk Bay Harbour – Bert Stafford & Barrie Gasson
  • The Story of the Railway Line from Muizenberg to Simon’s Town -David Rhind
  • Families of Kalk Bay – Sandy Trull, Vincent Cloete, Cobie Poggenpoel

Bulletin 2: 1997 – 98 (99 pp. incl. 42 illustrations) R 20.00

  • The Palaeontology of the W Cape from 10 million years ago to the present – Graham Avery
  • John D. Gilchrist, the St. James Aquarium, and False Bay Alec Brown
  • The Schools of Kalk Bay and St. James – Mike Walker, Greg Gordon, Roger Goodwin, Bessie O’Shea, Alistair Stephen, Arthur Harrison
  • Early Water Supplies of the Peninsula Municipalities & Kalk Bay – Terence Timoney

Bulletin 3: 1998 – 99 (124 pp. incl. 58 illustrations) R 25.00

  • Nomadic Pastor: The Life and Work of Bishop Robert Gray – William de Villiers
  • Bishop Gray and Kalk Bay – Mike Walker
  • The Significance of the Kalk Bay Caves – Peter Swart
  • The Hotels and Boarding Houses of Kalk Bay and St. James – Mike Walker & Barrie Gasson
  • Shops and Shop-keepers of Kalk Bay and St. James Barrie Gasson, Noel Pratten, John Adams, Mike Rudolphe
  • Book Review – The Traditional Way of Life George Stibbe

Bulletin 4: 1999 – 00 (116 pp. incl. 62 illustrations) R 30.00

  • Kalk Bay under the D.E.I.C. – Dan Sleigh / Mike Walker
  • The Summer Season: Pavilions, Pools, and Personalities – Mike Walker, Maarten v Diggelen, Vincent Cloete, Marais Carse
  • The Story of Whaling in False Bay-  Irene Toerien, Willoughby Cleghorn,Derek Stuart-Findlay
  • The Cape Beach Boats – Henry Aikman
  • Remembering the Group Areas Proclamation of Kalk Bay – Anna Bohlin

Bulletin 5: 2000 – 01 (148 pp. incl. 76 illustrations) R 30.00

  • Muizenberg Pot – Pourri – Barbara Titley
  • The Wynberg – Kalk Bay Connection – Helen Robinson
  • The Story of Boyes Drive – Barrie Gasson
  • Disasters at Kalk Bay – Mike Walker
  • The History of the New Kings and Majestic Hotels – Mike Walker
  • Kalk Bay and Holy Trinity Church 1874 – 2001 – Robin Burnett

Bulletin 6: 2001 – 01 (217 pp. incl. 81 illustrations) R 50.00

  • Lighthouses of False Bay and the South Peninsula – Mike Young
  • The Story of Kalk Bay Point – Barrie Gasson & Antonia Malan
  • Kalk Bay during the War Years 1939 – 1945 – Barrie Gasson
  • Homes and Home-owners of Kalk Bay and St. James – Mike Walker
  • Public Health in 19th Century Cape Town and Kalk Bay – Elizabeth van Heyningen

 Bulletin 7: 2002 – 03 (175 pp. incl. 85 illustrations) R 50.00

  • The Cape of Arthur Elliott – Hans Fransen
  • Elliott’s Photographs of Kalk Bay: Then and Now – Barrie Gasson
  • The Mayors of Kalk Bay – Muizenberg Municipality and their Achievements – Mike Walker
  • A Comparative Social History of the Fishing Communities – Barrie Gasson, Tony Introna
  • of Rogge Bay, Simon’s Bay, Hout Bay and Kalk Bay – Herbie Lewendal, Lance v Sittert, Vincent Cloete
  • The Story of Kalk Bay Police Station – Mike Walker
  • Book Review: A Century of Kommetjie – Denise Joubert

Bulletin 8: 2003 – 04 (268 pp. incl. 199 illustrations) Price R 65.00

  • Msritime Charts of the Cape – Neil Guy
  • The Age of Steam: Steam locos and their successors on the Simon’s Town line – Malcolm Bates
  • Boats, boat-owners and skippers of Kalk Bay Harbour – Tony Trimmel & Ken Evans
  • Sculptors and Painters of Kalk Bay (1):  Wynne Quail – Barrie Gasson
  • Book Review: Fish Hoek Looking Back – Joy Cobern

Bulletin 9: 2004 – 05 (219 pp. incl. 134 illustrations) Price R 60.00

  • Maritime Archeology of the Cape Peninsula – Jonathan Scharfman
  • The History of Postal Services at Kalk Bay – Mike Walker
  • The Tiles of Olifantsfontein – Douglas van der Horst
  • The Age of the Automobile: Motoring comes to the Cape Peninsula  -Bob Johnston
  • Painters and Sculptors of Kalk Bay (2): George W. Pilkington  – Simon Cooper
  • Book Review: The Story of Camps Bay and the Story of the Book – Gwynne Shrire

Bulletin 10: 2005 – 06 (211 pp. incl. 134 illustrations) Price R 60.00

  • The Story of the Fishermen’s Flats – Mike Walker
  • Cemeteries, Tombstones and Ghosts of old Kalk Bay – Barrie Gasson & Derek Stuart-Findlay
  • The Age of Flight: Pilots, Planes and Airfields of the Cape Peninsula – Guy Ellis
  • Film clips: The Blooding of the Nets 1943 – Faans Kloppers
  • Book Review: Admiralty House, Simon’s Town – Boet Dommissee

Bulletin 11: 2006 – 07 (162 pp. incl. 105 illustrations) Price R 60.00

  • The South Peninsula during the Great War 1914 – 18 – Barrie Gasson
  • The Age of Electricity and Gas: Lighting up the Peninsula & the False Bay Coast -Peter Coates
  • The Geology of Building Stones and Quarries in the South Peninsula-  Doug Cole
  • Film clips: Die Vissers van Kalkbaai, 1960 – Marais Carse

Bulletin 12: 2007 – 08 (124 pp. incl. 106 illustrations) Price R 60.00

  • The Age of the Horse: Horse transportation in the South Peninsula – Mike Walker
  • The Greek Community of Kalk Bay – Judy Herbert & Alec Bassios
  • The Origins and Forms of selected Cape Peninsula Villages – Hans Fransen
  • Film clips: Kalk Bay – The Golden Years of Fishing, 1930s  – Maarten van Diggelen

Bulletin 13: 2008 – 09 (195 pp. incl. 181 illustrations) Price R 65.00

  • The Year 2008: The 150th anniversary of St James RC Church and yhe 100th anniversary of Star of the Sea Convent School – Mike Walker
  • The Making of Main Road, 1742 – 1930 – Barrie Gasson.
  • The Ladan Family of Kalk Bay and the Life and Work of Eduard Ladan, Artist – Steve Herbert
  • Film clips: Kalk Bay – St James in the 1930s – 60s – Paul West & Derek Stuart-Findlay

Bulletin 14: 2009 – 10: (185 pp. incl. 184 illustrations) Price R 70.00

  • The Early Mines of the Cape Peninsula – Peter Spargo
  • Myths and Mysteries of the Ou Kaapse Weg – Derek Stuart-Findlay
  • Milestones along the Main Road, Cape Town to Simon’s Town – Mike Walker
  • Film clips: African Mirror Newsreels, 1920 – 1939 – Barrie Gasson

Bulletin 15: 2010 – 11: (162 pp. incl. 177 illustrations) Price R 60.00

  • The Findlay Family – Residents of St. James / Kalk Bay for 125 years – Derek Stuart-Findlay
  • Architects & Homes – The Homes & Buildings of St. James and Kalk Bay and their Architects – Mike Walker
  • Excavations in Kalk Bay & Fish Hoek Rock Shelters and the Origins of our Species: A narrative of on-going work – John Parkington, Cedric Poggenpoel
  • Shipwrecks of the Far South – Mike Walker
  • Film clips: African Mirror Newsreels 1939 – 1951 – Barrie Gasson

Please note: Bulls. 1-6 are out of print.

Bulletins may be purchased from Barrie Gasson: 788  1855

City extends period for public comment on proposed new zoning scheme

August 27, 2010

A final draft of the proposed new Cape Town Zoning Scheme (CTZS) was advertised for public comment and input by interested and affected parties during March and April this year. A substantial number of comments were received during this process. The comments were subsequently reviewed in detail by the City’s Zoning Scheme Task Team and a number of changes and improvements have since been made to the final draft. A response in respect of each previous comment received has been finalised and is posted on the City’s website at

In view of the changes to the final draft, the City’s Planning & Environment Portfolio Committee (PEPCO) agreed that the amended final draft be advertised in the media for further public comment and input during September 2010.

Councillor Taki Amira, Chairperson of the City’s Zoning Scheme Task Team, said that all comments received during previous rounds of public consultation will remain valid. Further comment should therefore be limited to the updates and changes now made to the final draft. This further commenting opportunity will run for an additional 30 day period. Comments are thus invited from 01 to 30 September 2010. As in the past, written comments will again be accepted by post, hand delivery, fax, e-mail or via the City’s website. The details will appear in press advertisements.

The updated final draft CTZS regulations document with appendix (with changes indicated) is available for downloading on the City’s website at Hard copies of the document are available for viewing at all the City’s Subcouncil offices, District Planning offices and public libraries.

“In order to read the revised regulations in context of individual property rights, property owners will once again be able to see the existing and proposed converted zoning of individual properties by means of a zoning viewer accessed through the City’s website. As complete converted zoning maps of all areas form part of a later phase of the project, these will only be advertised for comments later and will not be included in the current advertisement”, Councillor Amira said.

Following the consideration by the Task Team of further comments received during the September public consultation period, the updated final draft Zoning Scheme will be submitted to PEPCO for endorsement, subsequent to which it will be lodged with the relevant Provincial Minister for approval.