Architectural Heritage & Submission of Plans

Old Buildings

Submission of Plans

Kalk Bay & St James is a declared Urban Conservation area.

Therefore any alterations or new construction needs the approval of the City of Cape Town’s Urban Conservation branch.

This include anything as basic as the erection of garden walls, fences and gates.

The City of Cape Town also requires that comment be obtained from the Ratepayers’ Heritage Subcommittee.

We welcome any inquiries and reports of transgressions. Our contact details are on the ‘About Us’ page.

Guidelines for work in the St James & Kalk Bay Heritage Area

Download City of Cape Town Heritage Advice Pamphlet

Guidelines and Regulations for Property Enclosures

There has been a vast increase in the number of fences and garden walls being erected in Kalk Bay & St James. We understand the need for residents to respond to the increasing levels of crime, but the fences and walls that are being built often compromise the quality of the broader environment. We as a community value our streetscapes and acknowledge it as one of the major assets of this unique area. The Ratepayers & Residents Assocation is concerned about this situation and has thus taken it upon themselves to issue the following information document.

Download : Property Enclosures – Guidelines and Regulations

This brochure is meant to provide residents with the necessary information regarding property enclosures in general, with special emphasis on Boyes Drive (a declared scenic drive). This document is relevant to all properties in Kalk Bay & St James where fences, walls and hedges (including gates or any other form of property enclosure) exist or are being planned.

Further reading :

Download : City of Cape Town : Boundary Enclosures in Heritage Areas

Download : City of Cape Town : Garages and Carports in Heritage Areas


One Response to “Architectural Heritage & Submission of Plans”

  1. James Veitch Says:

    I would love to hear from the Urban Conservation group, or anyone else with real information, about the property at the bottom of Ley Road on the corner of Main. I say it change hands about 4 years ago, and various bits of work done; now it has only the facade still standing, and all work seems to have stopped.

    Factual rather than rumour please

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