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Continuation of Boyes Drive repair work

November 29, 2011

We have just been informed that Contractor will be continuing with the Boyes Drive repairs until, and including, Thursday, 1 December 2011.

A temporary one-way system for northbound traffic will be instituted (for the section of road from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive) and southbound traffic will be directed to use Main Road on Wednesday, 30th November and on Thursday, 1st December 2011.

Please note that no further repairs will be done on Boyes Drive before mid-February 2012.


Planned water shutdown for Kalk Bay and Clovelly on Thurs, 1st December 2011

November 28, 2011

Please note that there will be a disruption to the water supply in the area from Kalk Bay to Clovelly (between Main Road and Boyes Drive) on Thursday, 1st December 2011, from 08h30 until 17h00.

The areas that will be affected by this shutdown are Kalk Bay and Clovelly. The effect of this shutdown will be similar to the shutdown which occurred in August this year. It is possible that residents may either be without water during this time or experience a low pressure supply.

To minimise the inconvenience:

· Residents should store sufficient water in clean, sealed containers for domestic consumption.

· Should residents require any water for domestic consumption, a water tanker will be placed on standby near the intersection of Clairvaux Road (Boyes Drive) and the Main Road.

· Residents must also ensure that their taps are closed whilst the work is in progress to eliminate the possibility of water loss or damage being incurred when the water supply and pressure is restored and nobody is at home.

Should you have any queries in this regard, kindly contact Farouk Robertson at the City of Cape Town on 021 487 2318 or 084 307 2001.

Continuation of Boyes Drive Repair Work on 28 & 29 Nov 2011

November 25, 2011

Due to a milling machine mechanical problem and the recent rain, it is necessary for the Contractor to continue with the repairs on Boyes Drive on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November 2011 to complete this work.

Once again, during these works a temporary one-way system for northbound traffic will be instituted between the hours of 09h00 to 16h00 (for the section of road from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive). During this time, southbound traffic will be directed to use Main Road.

Kalk Bay Main Road : Contractor’s extended working hours

November 23, 2011

Please be advised that in an effort to catch up with the programme of works, the Contractor is required to extend their working hours as follows:

Monday to Thursday O7hOO to 2OhOO
Fridays O7hOO to 17hOO

These hours will be in place until commencement of the holiday season.

Boyes Drive roadworks to resume

November 15, 2011

The Contractor has managed to source sufficient bitumen to complete the repair work on Boyes Drive.

Therefore work on Boyes Drive will resume tomorrow, Wednesday, 16 November 2011. The operation will take 7 working days to complete.

Whilst this work is underway, a temporary one-way system for northbound traffic will be instituted between the hours of 09h00 to 16h00 (for the section of road from Clairvaux Road to Old Boyes Drive).

During this time, southbound traffic will be directed to use Main Road.

Main Road closed for Big Walk on Sunday morning

November 11, 2011

Please be advised that the Discovery Cape Times Big Walk takes place on Sunday, 13th November 2011. As such, Main Road southbound between Atlantic Road, Muizenberg and Clairvaux Road, Kalk Bay will be closed to vehicular traffic in the morning from 08h00 to 10h30 to accommodate walkers. Boyes Drive will be the alternate southbound route during this time.

Main Road Newsletter #21 October 2011

November 4, 2011

Here’s the latest newsletter with all the information of on the progress of Phases 1 & 2.


1.1 One-way southbound traffic system

The one-way system is still operating satisfactorily but delays are occurring, and occasionally long queues are forming between St. James and Kalk Bay, because of construction vehicle activity within the works. The project team is continuously monitoring the one-way system from St. James Road to Clairvaux Road using CCTV cameras. In addition, the Contractor has on loan, a vehicle speed recording trailer with a digital display, as a further safety measure.


2.1 Section A: Southbound – Leighton Road to Holy Trinity Church
This section was opened to traffic on 15th August 2011. The footways are not fully complete due to the incomplete MV cable crossings at St. James Terrace and the Dalebrook Community Centre. In addition, the footway in front of the Contractor’s offices is encroaching into the footway space and will only be completed at the end of the contract when the camp area is cleared.

2.2 Section C: Southbound – Holy Trinity Church to Kalk Bay Station

• The Contractor has recovered some lost time on the installation of the 700mm diameter water main but has subsequently lost the recovered time due to setbacks with the pressure testing caused by problems with two mechanical couplings. Testing is now complete and the remainder of the southbound carriageway in Section C can proceed.

• The underground services in the pedestrian precinct in front of the Kalk Bay station building are almost complete.
The two loading bays will be completed today and the paving of the pedestrian area is due to finalised by end October 2011.

• The road construction has started from the south side of Section C. BTB has been placed in front of Kalk Bay station, which will provide access to the loading/parking embayments opposite the adjacent shops and the restaurants. The completed carriageway was prematurely opened to traffic on 4th October 2011.

2.3 Peripheral Projects:

2.3.1 Parking Area No. 3

• Work has been suspended on the parking area at the Haven night-shelter as the Contractor is using the space for 15th December 2011.

2.3.2 Upgrade of the Ou Kaapse Weg and Steenberg Road intersection to provide an additional right turn lane:
• This is now complete with the exception of the some missing reflective road studs. This improvement has had a huge impact on the efficiency of the intersection during the morning peak.

2.3.3 An additional lane at the Royal Road / Axminster Road intersection in Muizenberg:
• This is now complete and performing very well, with a significant improvement to the late afternoon peak.

Download the full documents by clicking on the links :

Main Rd Newsletter 21

Issues raised by Interested and Affected Parties

Notice of temporary closure of Kimberley Rd, 7 & 8 November

November 4, 2011

Please be advised that Kimberley Road will be closed to all vehicular traffic for the period between 08:00 on Monday 7th and 17:00 on Tuesday 8th November. This is necessary so that the Contractor can construct two new storm water manholes at the intersection with Main Road.

Vehicles can be parked in the Main Road embayments. A guard will be on duty during this period to ensure the safety of parked vehicles.

The Contractor apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of this temporary closure.